Silent Opera Melodic Death Metal - Aquitaine (France)

Label Silent Opera Label : MASSACRE RECORDS

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A silent opera ?
Not really!

Composed of Laure LABORDE and Steven SCHRIVER (vocals), Olivier SENTENAC (bass), Romain LARREGAIN (guitars), Jon ERVITI (drums) and Laura NICOGOSSIAN (keyboards), the story of SILENT OPERA began 7 years ago.

The band was formed in 2007 by Olivier, Laure and Romain.

They started writing their first songs and were soon in need of great musicians to complete the line-up. Jon and Steven later joined the band and SILENT OPERA entered the Laguna Records Studio to record their debut album.
They released « Act One » in 2010 and presented it live during a tour in France in March 2011.

The main characteristics of SILENT OPERA’s musical style are sharp riffs, Laure’s clear voice combined with Steve’s heavy and growling vocals as well as melancholic melodies.

With the lyricism, melancholy and brutality SILENT OPERA hope that your deepest emotions rise when you listen to their songs.

SILENT OPERA’s new album « Reflections » was mixed and mastered by Mobo (LOKURAH, ERYN NON DAE , GOROD, MINUSHUMAN) at the Conkrete Studio and in 2013, SILENT OPERA signed a deal with famous Deutch label Massacre Records for a worldwide distribution.

« Reflections » is now available on iTunes, EMP and on this website here.

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